Yoga - A Path to a Balanced and Loving Life…

I would like to start by saying yoga is a spiritual practice and NOT a religion. Its physical practice is only one of the 8 paths of living yoga, according to the Indian sage Patanjali. In my series of blogs I will be presenting each of these paths to yoga, and how we can apply it in real-life.

Walking the 8-limb path:

The YAMAS & The World Around Us…

The first of the 8 limb-path are the YAMAS are how we relate to the world around us. They are divided into 5 principles for living a balanced Yogic life. The way we present ourselves. 5 different practices we can incorporate in our life.

The NIYAMAS & How we interact with ourselves, relationship to self

Actions we want to embody, attitude, and action we cultivate, having a sense of peace within ourselves, and how we respond internally.







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