Fall Crazy in Love with Life

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

Fall crazy in love with life. When you won’t have anymore time, your memories will be the only things left. And you will remember all the places that made you feel emotional.

Fall in love, fall hard without limits. Like chasing a girl or a guy you just met, all over Bali.

Because it isn’t love, if you have to hold yourself back, and you don’t feel the urge to do crazy things. Love is a hurricane, a volcano, an explosion of life. Love causes collateral damage but it is totally worth it.

Therefore, fall in love with yourself. Look at yourself in the mirror and gift yourself a smile. You are not perfect and you have made mistakes... There are things about yourself that you never quite liked but you aren’t that bad after all. The scars on your soul are what makes you unique. Make peace with the person you see reflected in the mirror because this is the person you have to live with all your life.

Allow yourself to fall in love with other people because only you can turn on the flame of your happiness but only they can help you keep it alive.

In the end, remember, perhaps there is an afterlife, a heaven and hell. Perhaps, you will reincarnate into a flower or a squirrel. Perhaps, the only thing left of you will be your soul wandering around the Universe.

But this you don’t know for sure, therefore protect your time. Don’t obsess over the past as it will never come back! Don’t obsess over the future, it is the unknown that you cannot predict. Enjoy this present moment fully as this is the only thing you really have right now. Fill it with beautiful things that make you smile inside out. As these are the moments of pure life that you will never forget. Fill this moment with happiness.

Extract from "Le coordinate della felicità". By Gianluca Gotto.

Translation by Barbara Laginja.

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