Bring more love to yourself and others...try AHIMSA

Let’s look at the first principle, of the Yamas: AHIMSA (non-harming, non-violence).

AHIMSA means living in a non-harming and non-violent way towards yourself self and others. In our day-to-day life, think about how many times you have practised negative self-talk, how often do you overload your work schedule, not allowing yourself to rest; how many YES-es you say to people, and how often you decide to stay silent rather than communicating your boundaries: how often do you criticize and judge others without even knowing them or their background story. So next time you do one of these things, think of AHIMSA and yoga, how much better would we feel if we practice only 1/8 of yoga, and how this would positively impact our relationships.

Practising a day of AHIMSA would go like that: We want to move through our day with self awareness. Being self-aware keeps us from hurting others. Try to start the day by complimenting yourself, say something loving to you, how beautiful you are today. Decide to work smart and not hard, by prioritizing the things that really matter for that particular day. Carve out some time for yourself and recuperate, rest, meditate. Feed your soul. It’s ok to say NO more often. This is self-love too. Speak up with integrity and love so that people know which boundaries they should not cross. Judge less. We don’t know why a certain person needs that experience or exhibits that behaviour. Give the benefit of a doubt. Gossip less. Love more.

Open your heart to yourself first & the rest will follow.

Love & peace,


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